Why should you assess your leaders?

Craft a data driven strategy to leadership development

Understand the capabilities of your leaders as a group

Build strong leadership pipelines for business growth

Create awareness for leaders on their capabilities

Data driven insights

Our leadership assessments create awareness at an individual and organizational level resulting in data-based decision making and development planning

Our executive assessment process



Understanding your business and growth strategy


Capability mapping


Capability assessment


Analysis & Recommendations


Development Roadmap

When should you assess leaders?

Consider doing leadership assessment in any of the following situations:

You don’t know if your leaders have the right capabilities for delivering on your business strategy and growth

You would like an objective third-party view of your leaders to support promotion decisions

You want to develop your next line of leadership

You would like to make fair and transparent people decisions post an acquisition or merger

You want to identify successors for key and critical roles in the organization

You want to know what capabilities you will need to hire for and what you can develop

What the assessment intervention delivers

The organization gets an objective third party view on their people’s future potential against the organizational growth ambition to identify future leaders

Line manager and HR get inputs for targeted development of the participants

Participants get feedback on their strengths, areas of development and possible blind spots and actions they could take to improve